jescalan/roots 1475

a toolkit for rapid advanced front-end development

HenrikJoreteg/fixpack 403

A package.json file scrubber for the truly insane.

maxogden/csv-write-stream 186

A CSV encoder stream that produces properly escaped CSVs

notslang/animate-stylus 37

Cross-browser CSS3 animations. Plug and play. Do a little dance.

notslang/atom-tidy-markdown 32

Fix ugly markdown.

jonschlinkert/parse-author 19

Parse a person, author, contributor or maintainer string into an object with name, email and url properties following NPM conventions. Useful for the `authors` property in package.json or for parsing an AUTHORS file into an array of person objects.

notslang/bay-area-quarter-life 2

An attempt at collecting all of the "Bay Area Quarter Life" comics.

ccsouthard/curemap 1

an interactive map of clinical data


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Excluded post types are deleted during migration.

@webarktech - Delicious Brains has nothing to do with this project. They aren't going to see this thread.


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Pre and post scripts order

I think this is kinda a dupe of #33


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