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Jeremy Brown notmessenger AdvisoryCloud Dallas TX USA Developer of internet applications since 1999, currently CTO @ AdvisoryCloud

bartsqueezy/ember-handlebars-brunch 10

This Brunch plugin adds support for pre-compiling Ember Handlebars templates prior to runtime

notmessenger/ajax-proxy 0

An easy-to-use PHP ajax proxy class and script for facilitating cross-domain ajax calls which supports cookies and has minimal dependencies (doesn't need curl)

notmessenger/attila 0

Ghost Theme

notmessenger/ciena-devops 0

A collection of scripts and configurations used by the Ciena organization in their DevOps

notmessenger/ciena-devops-testbed 0

Used to test "pr-bumper" and "ciena-devops" integrations, and other DevOps-related activities

notmessenger/clockpicker-seconds 0

A clock-style timepicker for Bootstrap (or jQuery). Sorry but no longer maintained.

notmessenger/dependency-graph 0

A simple dependency graph for Node.js

notmessenger/ember-bunsen-core 0

Core bunsen library for Ember apps

notmessenger/ember-cli-acceptance-test-helpers 0

A set of useful test helpers for ember acceptance tests.

notmessenger/ember-cli-blanket 0

Blanket based code coverage for ember-cli projects