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nordbergm/HBaseNet 10

A .NET library for interacting with Apache HBase. Tested on .NET Framework 4.0 and Mono 2.10.2.

nordbergm/NSimpleBus 7

A simple to implement service bus for .NET which utilises RabbitMQ (by default) for pub/sub and distributed worker queue scenarios.

nordbergm/stripe2ofx 2

A small command line utility that converts the Stripe transfer exports (CSV) to the OFX file format often used by accounting software for bank statement imports.

nordbergm/docker-openvpn-client 0

OpenVPN Client for Docker

nordbergm/elasticsearch 0

Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine

nordbergm/elasticsearch-net 0

Elasticsearch.Net & NEST

nordbergm/elasticsearch-srv-discovery 0

Elasticsearch discovery with SRV records

nordbergm/etcd4j 0

Java / Netty client for etcd, the highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery.

nordbergm/firefox-developer-edition 0

RPM Spec file for Firefox Developer Edition


created tagelastic/ecctl


Elastic Cloud Control, the official ESS and ECE command line interface

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Pull request review commentelastic/ecctl

release: Add `v1.4.0` and `v1.3.1` release notes

 Download the release binaries:[ecctl_VERSION_REPLACE_darwin_amd64.tar.gz][ecctl_VERSION_REPLACE_linux_32-bit.deb][ecctl_VERSION_REPLACE_linux_32-bit.rpm]-[ecctl_VERSION_REPLACE_linux_386.tar.g]+[ecctl_VERSION_REPLACE_linux_386.tar.gz]

Shouldn't ecctl_VERSION_REPLACE_linux_386.tar.g still be ecctl_VERSION_REPLACE_linux_386.tar.gz? Looks like we just change the link title?


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