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Darius Morawiec nok Hamburg, Germany Senior Software-Engineer

nok/sklearn-porter 1090

Transpile trained scikit-learn estimators to C, Java, JavaScript and others.

nok/leap-motion-processing 284

Contributed library to use the Leap Motion in Processing.

nok/onedollar-unistroke-recognizer 78

Implementation of the $1 Gesture Recognizer, a two-dimensional template based gesture recognition, for Processing.

nok/markdown-toc 69

Generate and update magically a table of contents based on the headlines of a parsed markdown file.

nok/onedollar-unistroke-coffee 60

Implementation of the $1 Unistroke Recognizer, a two-dimensional template based gesture recognition, in CoffeeScript.

nok/soundcloud-java-library 55

Unofficial Java library, which simplifies the use of the official SoundCloud Java API wrapper.

nok/myo-processing 53

Contributed library to use multiple Myo's in Processing.

nok/rake-text-ruby 34

Implementation of the Rapid Automatic Keyword Extraction algorithm in Ruby, a multi-word keywords extraction.

nok/redis-processing 19

[unmaintained] Wrapper to use Redis in Processing. It's based on Jedis, a small Java client by Jonathan Leibiusky.

nok/git-walk 9

Walk up and down in revisions of a Git repository.


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