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Nick Kridler nmkridler San Diego, CA

nmkridler/moby 54

python scripts

nmkridler/SeamCarving 14

OpenCV implementation of S. Avidan and A. Shamir's Seam Carving algorithm.

nmkridler/sirbarksalot 8

bark detector

nmkridler/nfl-hack 7

Code from the NFL Hackathon

nmkridler/detectTriangle 5

Detect a triangle in a kinect RGB video feed using openCV.

nmkridler/default 3

Imperial Loan Default Prediction

nmkridler/pyxley-template 3

A simple flask template for Pyxley and Flask using Blueprints

nmkridler/bayeshackmining 2

Preventing Mine Accidents

nmkridler/HealthCareComp 2

Routines to quickly parse csv files and generate profiles