Nicole Rowe nixterrimus Boulder, CO

Khan/math-input 185

math-input = react + redux + mathquill

nixterrimus/hn-offline 12

A script to create an offline hackernews file

nixterrimus/iPhone-Calculator 7

A Simple Calculator written in Objective C for the iPhone

nixterrimus/emusic-downloader 2

A command line utility written in ruby to download music from .emx files

nixterrimus/fake_ftp 2

A fake FTP server for use with RSpec

nixterrimus/boxen 1

Nick's Boxen

nixterrimus/cookbooks 1

Opscode Cookbooks for Chef

nixterrimus/ember-base 1

A base rails app for creating ember projects

nixterrimus/fat_free_crm 1

Ruby on Rails CRM platform for Web 2.0 and beyond

nixterrimus/Fibonacci 1

A ruby library to find the nearest fibonacci number from a given fixnum