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nitingupta910/.emacs.d 1

My emacs config

nitingupta910/compcache 1

Automatically exported from

nitingupta910/absinthe 0

The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

nitingupta910/absinthe_385 0

Small test program to demo issue #385 on Absinthe.

nitingupta910/absinthe_plug 0

Plug support for Absinthe, the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

nitingupta910/acre 0

Automatically exported from

nitingupta910/asdf-hugo 0

Hugo plugin for the asdf version manager

nitingupta910/code-blocks 0

Syntax highlighting for Google Docs

nitingupta910/code-gnu-global 0

Provide Intellisense for C/C++ with the help of the GNU Global tool in Visual Studio Code

nitingupta910/cowboy-elixir-example 0

Examples of using Cowboy with Elixir


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