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Nitin Aggarwal nitin-agam India iOS Developer | Swift | Objective-C | Learner | Creative | Blogger

nitin-agam/SwiftAnimation 29

To learn the animation in Swift language.

nitin-agam/fun-algorithms 15

Basic problems with solution which are mostly asked in the interviews.

nitin-agam/learn_mvvm 11

It contains some small projects basically created in MVVM architecture.

nitin-agam/capture_photo 9

This repo has created with the example to capture a photo using AVCaptureSession class in Swift language.

nitin-agam/play-with-swift 7

Swift APIs examples, interview coding questions.

nitin-agam/scan_qr_code 7

You will learn how to scan QR code with iOS framework.

nitin-agam/local-notification-demo 5

It's include all kinds of local notifications using UserNotifications framework.

nitin-agam/UIWithCodeDemo 5

You can learn how to design UI via programatically. It is easy, interesting and fun.

nitin-agam/halfpiechart 4

To draw the half pie chart using Swift language.

nitin-agam/learn_data_structure 3

To learn about the Data Structure and Algorithms in Swift language.