Nino Walker ninowalker @adobe Europe

bmander/graphserver 121

An open source multimodal trip planning engine

escherba/python-cityhash 16

Python bindings for CityHash

ninowalker/linear-pack 8

A linear materials packing tool. Don't over buy, and never cut too short.

ninowalker/jira-yaml 5

For those of us who believe YAML provides a far superior interface to JIRA.

ninowalker/graphserver 3

An open source multimodal trip planning engine

ninowalker/jmemcache-daemon 3

Mirror of the google code project of the same name.

ninowalker/marx 3

A pythonic system for workflow functional re-/de-composition for the collective.

ninowalker/caipyrus 2

A procedural API to pycairo to hide the dirty bits and make data vis fast.

ninowalker/levenshtein 2

Fast string edit distance computation, using the Damerau-Levenshtein algorithm.

ninowalker/datasift-csdl-parser 1

Python parser for Datasift's CSDL grammar. See


started time in 2 months


started time in 2 months