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Nicolas Yuste nicoyuste Groupon Inc. León, Spain

shmidt/MASAttributes 49

NSMutableAttributedString helper for easy to add attributes for the substring.

nicoyuste/alfred_shortener_workflow 2

Use this Alfred workflow to short any URL using the Google Shortener tool.

nicoyuste/BlurView 1

Needed classes to make blur effect.

nicoyuste/dotFiles-Plugins 1

This is a repository with the dotfiles I always use and the plugins for xCode.

nicoyuste/arduino_learning 0

Project that contains small peaces of Arduino code.

nicoyuste/isZoomUsingCamera 0

Simple SwiftUI app that shows if Zoom is actively using the camera.

nicoyuste/MarvelNavigation 0

Sample application connection to Marvel APIs

nicoyuste/spanish-names 0

List of most frequent first and last names in Spain.

nicoyuste/ 0

Simple project containing my personal website.

fork nicoyuste/spanish-names

List of most frequent first and last names in Spain.

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