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:blue_book: A curated list of awesome open source or open source licensed documents, guides, books.

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ADOdb is a PHP database class library that provides powerful abstractions for performing queries and managing databases. ADOdb also hides the differences between DB engines so you can easily switch them without changing your code.

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Vim plugin for the_silver_searcher, 'ag', a replacement for the Perl module / CLI script 'ack'

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Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash

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my blag

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Articles/thoughts about web development

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content of - open for contribution

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Bootstrap alert system made better, builds off of bootstrap-alert.js

Pull request review commentsamaaron/sonic-pi

Add troubleshooting section with boot error.

 On multiple distributions, there are Sonic Pi releases that you can install from       This sets the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE option when generating the build system files.        It must be followed by one of the following configurations: `Release, Debug, RelWithDebInfo, or MinSizeRel`++## Troubleshooting +### Booting error+* Is Jack server is running?

s/Is Jack server is running?/Is Jack server running?


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fix some typos
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Nicolas Dermine

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fix some typos

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fork nicoder/posts

source for the blog posts published on our blog

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Nicolas Dermine

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fix typo

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Nicolas Dermine

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fix typos in readme

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fork nicoder/record-tuple-polyfill

A polyfill for the ECMAScript Record and Tuple proposal.

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issue commentsamaaron/sonic-pi

Sonic Pi v3.2.1

the image paths seem wrong in

for example:

#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"![ASR envelope](../../../etc/doc/images/tutorial/"
msgstr "![ASR envelope](../images/tutorial/env-attack-sustain-release.png)"

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pull request commentadazzle/react-data-grid

[canary.13] Draggable container without drag drop context

hi @jwallet

are you sure you meant to tag me ?


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issue openedgreenlion/PHP-SQL-Parser

UnableToCalculatePositionException when JOIN clause contains SQL functions


With the following code:

$query = 'SELECT start_date FROM users INNER JOIN vacation ON DATE(start_date) <= DATE(end_date)';
$parser = new \PHPSQLParser\PHPSQLParser($query, true);

an exception is thrown:

# Error        PHPSQLParser\exceptions\UnableToCalculatePositionException
# File      External/greenlion/php-sql-parser/src/PHPSQLParser/positions/PositionCalculator.php
# Line 243
# Trace
# File       Function        Line
# External/greenlion/php-sql-parser/src/PHPSQLParser/positions/PositionCalculator.php   lookForBaseExpression   259
# External/greenlion/php-sql-parser/src/PHPSQLParser/positions/PositionCalculator.php   lookForBaseExpression   259
# External/greenlion/php-sql-parser/src/PHPSQLParser/positions/PositionCalculator.php   lookForBaseExpression   125
# External/greenlion/php-sql-parser/src/PHPSQLParser/PHPSQLParser.php   setPositionsWithinSQL   100
# External/greenlion/php-sql-parser/src/PHPSQLParser/PHPSQLParser.php   parse   75

# [2020-04-01 07:02:15] - Exception     cannot calculate position of vacation ON DATE(start_date) <= DATE(end_date) within )

I tried to understand the code in PositionCalculator#lookForBaseExpression, but did not manage to.

The problem seems to be with the $backtracking array.

When the traversal of the $parsed array reaches the ref_clause for the join clause, it adds an offset and two false to the $backtracking array.

But then when finding the expressions in the date functions, the $backtracking array is popped (and nothing is added to it in the preceding sub_tree).

so it seems too many items are popped off the $backtracking array (or not enough are added),

and so when we try to find the base_expr of the second table (vacation), charPos is already at the end of the SQL query and the expression cannot be found and so an exception is thrown.

Hopefully someone will understand how to adapt the $backtracking array handling.


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Pull request review commentprettier/plugin-php

fix(docs): remove "not ready for production" label

   </a> </p> -## WORK IN PROGRESS--Please note that this plugin is currently in alpha stage and still under active development. We encourage everyone to try it and give feedback, but we don't recommend it for production use yet.- ## Intro  Prettier is an opinionated code formatter. It enforces a consistent style by parsing your code and re-printing it with its own rules that take the maximum line length into account, wrapping code when necessary.  This plugin adds support for the PHP language to Prettier. +### Can this be used in production?++We're considering the plugin to be stable when pure PHP files are formatted. Formatting of files that contain mixed PHP and HTML is still considered unstable - please see [open issues with the tag "inline"]( for details.++If you want to use the plugin in production, we recommend limiting it's scope to pure PHP files.

s/it's scope/its scope ?


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Pull request review commentsamaaron/sonic-pi

Fix typos

 pictures with sound (  All internal and external events (called cues in Sonic Pi) are automatically logged in the Cue Viewer. For example, if you have a MIDI-controller connected and a press one of its button, youll see a new cue+controller connected and a press one of its buttons, you'll see a new cue

s/and a press/and press ?


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