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Nick Miller nickmilleruk Verizon Media Northern Ireland Privacy advocate, code monkey, geek. I love to explore new technologies and approaches, and if it cant be automated it isn't worth doing!

nickmilleruk/alpine-nginx-rtmp 0

Alpine Linux Nginx RTMP Docker Container

nickmilleruk/coursera-data-scientists-tools 0

Coursera Data Scientists Toolbox

nickmilleruk/datasciencecoursera 0

Coursera Data Scientists Toolbox Week 4 Assignment - Nicholas Miller

nickmilleruk/datasharing 0

The Leek group guide to data sharing

nickmilleruk/docker-vsftpd 0

vsftpd Docker image based on Alpine

nickmilleruk/memcache-plus 0

Memcache Plus - Better memcache for node