Darian Nguyen nguyen-darianhuy @twitter California Full-stack web developer with ~2 professional YOE in the React/Node stack. Senior CS major @ Cal Poly SLO. Vim is my lifestyle.

nguyen-darianhuy/Polymorph 3

Android puzzle game built with the Java framework libGDX.

nguyen-darianhuy/ifixit-grab-bag 2

Tool to allow users to add devices they own to their iFixit account, using the iFixit API.

selynna/liquid-hacks 2

a fantasy league for competitive valorant

amshin98/csc430-ts-interpreter 1

Assignment 7 for our CSC 430 Programming Languages class

nguyen-darianhuy/dotfiles 1

Personal dotfiles setup

nguyen-darianhuy/route-planner 1

A simple route optimization web-app powered by Google Maps.

nguyen-darianhuy/SpyfallBot 1

A Discord bot to play Spyfall. Uses as library.