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Xilinx/RapidWright 174

Build Customized FPGA Implementations for Vivado

byuccl/tincr 30

A Tcl-based CAD Tool Framework for Xilinx's Vivado Design Suite

byuccl/RapidSmith2 27

RapidSmith2 - the Vivado successor to RapidSmith. Released Jan 4, 2017.

SymbiFlow/prjxray-bram-patch 11

Tool for updating the contents of BlockRAMs found in Xilinx 7 series bitstreams.

icgrp/bert 4

Bitstream Embedded RAM Transfusion

byuccl/DFIR-XML 3

DFIR-XML: A Tool for Exporting LabVIEW Comms DFIR Graphs to XML

icgrp/huffmanVivadoProject 0

huffmanVivadoProject submodule for bert

jason1234309/gmt_benchmarks 0

the benchmarks gmt sub repository

nelsobe/bvtr 0

Verilog to Routing -- Open Source CAD Flow for FPGA Research

nelsobe/chisel3 0

Chisel 3: A Modern Hardware Design Language

pull request commentSymbiFlow/prjxray-bram-patch

Add common-config repo as subtree

@acomodi Thanks for the clarification - I remembered being told that the license could be held in either LICENSE or COPYING and so figured it should not replace a COPYING with a LICENSE file but wanted confirmation.

Question: what should the script do if a file already exists called LICENSE (or COPYING in this case)? Currently, the script checks to see if the contents that are already there match what is in common-config. If so, it does nothing. But, if the file exists but has different contents it replaces it. This was done so that if the script is re-run but with new file contents it would replace the ones it previously put into the repo. It does this with all files is copies over (, LICENSE, and in this case). But, I believe in some cases this is not what we want. Curious what your thoughts are.

Finally, yes, @xanjohns and I had talked about add the script to prjxray-common-config since we will want to re-run it at times (like when a new repo is created). He will do so.


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pull request commentSymbiFlow/prjxray-bram-patch

Add common-config repo as subtree

@acomodi @kgugala This PR is the first PR that shows symbiflow-common-config being applied to a real repo. In this case, the set of changes that were made to this repo are listed above in the PR text - it copied 3 files that previously were not there into the repo:, LICENSE,

As I review it I have a question: this repo uses the file COPYING to hold its license information. But, symbiflow-common-config uses LICENSE for this purpose. Is there a standard way of doing it? I remember being told when I set up the repo that either way is acceptable. If so, should the update script that created this PR have removed the COPYING file and replaced it with its LICENSE file?

Also the PR fails the DCO checks. Commit 2293fe7 is shown as failing with an x. But, I see that that commit was signed off. Can you clarify why it is failing? Is it the other two that aren't signed off?


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pull request commentSymbiFlow/symbiflow-common-config

Add community files

@xanjohns @acomodi I would be interested to know once this PR is approved, will the next step be to apply the community files in this PR it to symbiflow-bram-patch? I like that idea since that repo is one we created. We can iterate with how the applying is done and then that will become the model for applying it to other repos.


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Pull request review commentSymbiFlow/symbiflow-examples

De-bounce example

+mkfile_path := $(abspath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)))

@kgugala @WhiteNinjaZ To answer Karol's question, maybe I can jump in here as well... We have been talking with Tim and he would like us to eventually add a fair number of example designs to symbiflow-examples. They may come from,, and some other places. Our thought was to organize them into directories to keep things manageable.


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pull request commentSymbiFlow/symbiflow-examples

A few minor clarifications on running examples

@WhiteNinjaZ - looks good to me. I think it is ready for review by @acomodi ...


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push eventWhiteNinjaZ/symbiflow-examples

Brent Nelson

commit sha a8590f707e5f64095ee9ba4c697e901f6b90a535

Added links to new pages on main index page Signed-off-by: Brent Nelson <>

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Brent Nelson

commit sha ddb9fe4b421f5bf0f997fb627460920af187a2f4

Added term symbiflow-examples in place of symbiflow in a couple of places Signed-off-by: Brent Nelson <>

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Brent Nelson

commit sha 49231bde9369d82c838fad67f0ff42ad6710da5b

Added list of comments on documentation. Signed-off-by: Brent Nelson <>

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Brent Nelson

commit sha eb06e989ea0215088cf1839f529bd6882cb87506

Made two minor text edits. Signed-off-by: Brent Nelson <>

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issue openedbyuccl/python-fpga-interchange

Put XDLRC Generator into own directory, make it be runnable as a stand-alone script and add option for alt site ty-es

Some suggestions:

  1. Make runnable as a standalone script
  2. Put into its own directory so you can have a file to describe it and give instructions.
  3. Since adding the alternate site type info makes it a non-standard XDLRC file, that should be off by default and controlled via a command line option.
  4. Still not sure it shouldn't be its own repo with XDLRCX in the name with the original repo as a submodule... :-) But, we can continue to discuss.

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