Nathan Wilcox nejucomo Least Authority

nejucomo/git-remote-lafs 3

An experiment in a Tahoe-LAFS specific backend for git repositories.

nejucomo/ethasm 2

Ethereum assembler / disassembler

nejucomo/befungee 1

Befunge-93 interpreter written in Python with a debugger

nejucomo/functable 1

A small utility for grouping functions or methods into a table.

nejucomo/bash-stack 0

A stack function in bash.

nejucomo/befungatone 0

A graphical befunge interpreter with music; js+html5 based.

nejucomo/befunges 0

A clutter of befunge programs.

nejucomo/ 0

BIP32 is a Brainwallet-based implementation for BIP0032 deterministic wallet generation

nejucomo/bip39 0

A web tool for converting BIP39 mnemonic codes

nejucomo/bitcointabunspent 0

Tabulate listunspent to show balance per address.