Nathan Clack nclack Kinetica DB Ashburn, VA

NeurodataWithoutBorders/matnwb 22

A Matlab interface for reading and writing NWB files

nclack/tictoc 19

High-resolution timer for Windows, OSX, and Linux

nclack/cmake-juce 11

CMake build for a JUCE project

nclack/chan 9

Chan is a cross-platform zero-copy multi-producer mutli-consumer asynchronous FIFO queue for passing messages between threads.

nclack/whisk 8

Fully automated tracking of single rows of whiskers in high-speed video.

nclack/example-win32 5

An example win32 application using a cmake build.

KellerLabTeam/tgmm-docker 4

Automated DockerHub builds for the TGMM (Tracking with Gaussian Mixture Models) software developed in the Keller lab.

nclack/haar 4

nD haar transform and it's inverse.

nclack/mexrs 4

A simple example showing how to make a Matlab mex-function with Rust.

fork seanbaxter/DirectXShaderCompiler

This repo hosts the source for the DirectX Shader Compiler which is based on LLVM/Clang.

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fork sofroniewn/affinder

Quickly find the affine matrix mapping one image to another using manual correspondence points annotation

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fork sofroniewn/napari-console

A plugin that adds a console to napari

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created repositoryjni/affinder

Quickly find the affine matrix mapping one image to another using manual correspondence points annotation

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fork seanbaxter/vk_order_independent_transparency

Demonstrates seven different techniques for order-independent transparency in Vulkan.

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fork sofroniewn/napari-demos

Scripts to demonstrate napari with real data

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created repositoryseanbaxter/vulkan_compute

Vulkan compute shader experiment

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fork seanbaxter/vk_device_generated_cmds

Vulkan sample on VK_NV_device_generated_commands

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created repositorysofroniewn/napari-console

A plugin that adds a console to napari

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created repositorymarktsuchida/RichErrors

Rich error handling for legacy C and C++ projects

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fork seanbaxter/ChameleonRT

An example path tracer that runs on multiple ray tracing backends (Embree/DXR/OptiX/Vulkan/Metal/OSPRay)

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fork seanbaxter/glsl_indexed_types_generator

GLSL code generator to aid use of Vulkan's descriptor set indexing

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created repositoryflatironinstitute/maxwell-slice

Placeholder for Ali/Jeremy/Leslie project for visualizing outputs of 3D Maxwell solver

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fork sofroniewn/fdtd

A 3D electromagnetic FDTD simulator written in Python

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fork seanbaxter/gl_vk_meshlet_cadscene

This OpenGL/Vulkan sample illustrates the use of "mesh shaders" for rendering CAD models.

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fork seanbaxter/vk_raytracing_tutorial_KHR

Ray tracing examples and tutorials using VK_KHR_ray_tracing

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fork seanbaxter/vk_raytrace

Ray tracing glTF scene with Vulkan

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created repositoryaliddell/

My very own website

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