Nic nbroeking @uber Colorado I am a Full Stack Software Engineer that loves solving problems. I love working with various frameworks, platforms and languages.

nbroeking/Basic-Python-Compiler 1

A python compiler written in Python which compiles python to x86 :)

nbroeking/bits 1

BITS (stands for Bits Integrated Technology System) BITS is designed to allow for rapid development of modules or apps that all share some base architecture design. This base is what we refer to as BITS.

nbroeking/Haskell 1

This is the Haskel tutorial for the Foundations of Software Engineering class at CU

nbroeking/OPLabs 1

Senior project that runs a speed test from a phone, and from the router, and aggregates the results. This is a common production feature but at the time this was the first.

callie-jones/bits-weather-dashboard 0

Smart Ski Slope system to display real time weather conditions on a user-friendly dashboard

MattBubernak/NodeJSProject 0

Project 3 for Foundations of Software Engineering

nbroeking/AndroidTutorial 0

This is the tutorial for an android app. Foundations of Software engineering class Presentation 4.

nbroeking/Animation 0