anaisbetts/ModernHttpClient 658

HttpClient implementations that use platform-native HTTP clients for :rocket:

nberardi/consensus 49

A poker planning game for gaining a consensus on a task.

nberardi/newrelic-mobile-xamarin 23

Monotouch bindings for NewRelicAgent

nberardi/hMailServer 14

This is a mirror of the hMailServer SVN

nberardi/jquery-relatize_date 2

jQuery version of technoweenie's relative date js library.

nberardi/azure-mobile-services 1

Client SDKs and Samples for Windows Azure Mobile Services

elmah/MySqlErrorLog 0

ELMAH ErrorLog implementation for MySQL

nberardi/acd_cli 0

A command line interface and FUSE filesystem for Amazon (Cloud) Drive

nberardi/AFNetworking-Sharp 0

Xamarin AFNetworking binding

fork nberardi/inadyn-cloudflare

Cloudflare Dynamic DNS backend for Inadyn. To use with Unifi Dream Machine / Pro

fork in a month