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Natan Rolnik natanrolnik Houzz Israel Programmer, focused on iOS Development

MosheBerman/PatronKit 372

A framework to add patronage to your apps.

MosheBerman/KosherCocoa 48

My Objective-C port of KosherJava. KosherCocoa enables you to perform sunrise-based and sunset-based calculations for Jewish prayer and calendar.

gshaviv/NMRangeSlider 0

A custom range slider for iOS

gshaviv/PEPhotoCropEditor 0

Image cropping library for iOS.

jesiegel1/Sefirah 0

iOS and watchOS app for Sefirat Haomer

natanrolnik/APNSwift 0

An HTTP/2 APNS library built on swift-nio

natanrolnik/ashfurrow-blog 0

This is my website, a static site generated with Middleman.

natanrolnik/aws-lambda-swift 0

A custom AWS Lambda Runtime for Swift

natanrolnik/aws-sdk-swift 0

AWS SDK for the Swift programming language that works on Linux and Mac

natanrolnik/aws-sdk-swift-core 0

A low-level framework for AWSSDKSwift


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PR opened Lightricks/Kintsugi

Add Xcake and Tuist as alternatives
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Natan Rolnik

commit sha 16963e4be0c866808ecdadf12c871c26f555c3fb

Add Xcake and Tuist as alternatives

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fork natanrolnik/Kintsugi

A tool to automatically resolve Git conflicts that occur in Xcode project files

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fork natanrolnik/IDMPhotoBrowser

Photo Browser / Viewer inspired by Facebook's and Tweetbot's with ARC support, swipe-to-dismiss, image progress and more

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