Pat Nakajima nakajima All of my popular repositories are bad ideas but I had fun making them!

fakefs/fakefs 1006

A fake filesystem. Use it in your tests.

defunkt/rip 362

Take back your $LOAD_PATH. Deprecated and unmaintained.

nakajima/aintablog 122

Open source tumblog/aggregator. Do not use.

cmdrkeene/memegen 113

Two-caption meme generator CLI

nakajima/better-edit-in-place 91

Easy editing in place for RESTful web apps.

nakajima/capinatra 62

You should probably use Heroku instead..

nakajima/acts_as_fu 57

When you need a dash of ActiveRecord and nothing more

nakajima/calendar-maker 33

Rails plugin to build a simple calendar scaffold, with events signified by class names added to the day.

nakajima/aspectory 25

Callbacks for your classes


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