Brian Atkinson nairb774 San Jose, CA, USA

nairb774/binarylearn 3

Simple distributed implementation of a restricted boltzmann machine.

nairb774/aether-launch 2

Lightweight launcher built upon aether

nairb774/jwebunit-scala 2

Scala DSL for jwebunit

nairb774/akka 1

Akka Transactors

nairb774/grails-easyb 1

Easyb implementation for Grails done by Gustavo Madruga and Richard Vowles


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pull request commenttensorflow/tensorflow

Fix the issue for importing googletest.h

Hey @feihugis, sorry about the conflict. I didn't know this was out there - I'm new to the project. I stumbled onto the build problem because I am trying to improve the state of the build/test health. There seem to be a number of things that are excluded from testing coverage which don't seem to need to be. I'm hoping that I can work through the broken code/issues and get more of this under CI so we have less of this broken code floating around.

Sorry :(


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