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Myles Hyson myleshyson UF Health

nothingworksinc/ticketbeast 535

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myleshyson/laravel-quickbooks 20

An easier way to interact with Quickbooks PHP SDK.

UFHealth/restrict-blocks 6

Example plugin for restricting blocks in the Gutenberg editor for certain templates.

myleshyson/tailwindcss-bg-overlay 4

A Tailwindcss plugin that adds box-shadow bg overlay utilities

myleshyson/butr.js 0

~4KB library for animating scroll and generating content outlines

myleshyson/cms 0

Statamic 3: Core Package

myleshyson/craft-elasticsearch 0

Bring the power of Elasticsearch to your Craft CMS projects

myleshyson/docker-php-python-node 0

Docker with PHP, Composer, Python, Node

myleshyson/dom-to-image 0

Generates an image from a DOM node using HTML5 canvas

issue commentWordPress/gutenberg

Add option to filter specific blocks to specific widget areas

This is related to #28517, and and I'm wondering if this should be included along with that issue?

For more context, this is important for us because some blocks don't make sense for certain contexts. For example, the columns block makes sense for a Footer widget area, but definitely should not be allowed for a Post Sidebar widget area. We need a way to force those distinctions for our editors.


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issue openedWordPress/gutenberg

Add option to filter specific blocks to specific widget areas

What problem does this address?

I would like to filter what blocks are available on a per widget area basis. Currently there doesn't seem to be a way to do this.

What is your proposed solution?

Something like this would be ideal

register_sidebar( [
    'name'            => __( 'Primary Sidebar', 'theme_name' ),
    'allowed_blocks'  => [ 'core/paragraph', 'core/latest-posts' ]
] );

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issue commentcraftcms/feed-me

Craft 3.7 columnSuffix not included in SQL on import

Yea this makes feedme unusable for us at the moment with 3.7. Any update on this?


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