Matthias Tretter myell0w IdeasOnCanvas GmbH Vienna

myell0w/AppleScripts 21

Some useful standalone Applescripts

myell0w/LaunchBar-Actions 16

Some useful Applescripts for use as a LaunchBar (Quicksilver with slightly modifications) - Action

myell0w/iOSAppTemplate 12

App Template for iOS using iOSKit and FoundationKit

myell0w/AQGridViewAnimationSample 5

There's an animation-error, when rotating. Logic error or Bug in AQGridView?

myell0w/Ghost-Runner 5

Prototype of an GPS Tracking System for Android

IdeasOnCanvas/NYTPhotoViewer 4

A modern photo viewing experience for iOS.

myell0w/cheddar-ios 4

Cheddar for iOS

myell0w/AFNetworking 3

A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework

IdeasOnCanvas/FTAssetRenderer 2

Create image assets at runtime in any color when used as mask and/or at any resolution when it’s a PDF.

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A floating panel for your iOS Apps

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Make keyboard avoidance behaviour configurable

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