mweibel/connect-session-sequelize 175

Sequelize SessionStore for Express/Connect

liip/sheriff 162

Conditional marshalling for Go

mweibel/DidIPassHSR 7

Sends you notifications as soon as grades are on hsr

mweibel/candy-node 3

Deploy Candy as a node.js application

mweibel/connect-session-sequelize-example 1

Basic repository for connect-session-sequelize

mweibel/django-pipeline 1

Pipeline is an asset packaging library for Django.

mweibel/amnesia 0

Mnesia wrapper for Elixir.

mweibel/amnesia_small_testcase 0

A small testcase project for an amnesia issue

mweibel/AmqpBundle 0

Amqp client as a Symfony Service

fork Neustradamus/helpdezk

HelpDEZk is a powerfull software that manages requests/incidents.

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created repositorymodulate/nodex-credentials-federated

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fork tong/python-versions

Python builds for Actions Virtual Environments

fork in 13 hours

fork tong/setup-haxe

Set up a specific version of Haxe environment for your workflow.

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fork tarruda/SoftHSM2-for-Windows

SoftHSM2 installer for MS Windows

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Update module stretchr/testify to v1.7.0

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<details> <summary>stretchr/testify</summary>


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Minor feature improvements and bug fixes


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fork terinjokes/nixos-hardware

A collection of NixOS modules covering hardware quirks.

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fork fippo/video-rvfc

video.requestVideoFrameCallback() incubation

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fork dbrgn/hyper-rustls

Integration between hyper HTTP library and rustls TLS stack

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fork badlop/ejabberd-po

Translation files for ejabberd

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created repositoryprocessone/ejabberd-po

Translation file for ejabberd

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