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Mike van Lammeren mvanlamz @Varicent-FC Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA I got my first computer in 1982 -- a Sinclair ZX-81. Since then, I owned a series of Atari, then Macintosh, computers. I have never owned a PC.

mvanlamz/bodyguard 0

Simple authorization conventions for Phoenix apps

mvanlamz/ecto_enum 0

Ecto extension to support enums in models

mvanlamz/live_view_demo 0

Forkable repo for entries in Phoenix Phrenzy (

mvanlamz/mvl-multi-get 0

Sample application to download files over HTTP in multiple chunks, using the Range header.

mvanlamz/mvl-next-biggest 0

Find the next biggest number by rearranging the digits.

mvanlamz/nflrushing 0

NFL Rushing homework assignment for The Score. (December, 2020)

mvanlamz/pep8-git-hook 0

Git pre-commit hook that checks for Python PEP8 style compliance.