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kyokan/bob-wallet 245

Bob Wallet is a GUI for DNS Record Management and Name Auctions on Handshake. It includes an integrated full node: hsd

connext/indra 88

[LEGACY] Monorepo containing everything related to the core Connext protocols and network.

kyokan/plasma 70

Golang implementation and extension of the Minimum Viable Plasma specification

kyokan/footnote 20

Readme and future protocol improvement ideas for Footnote, a layer two protocol on Handshake.

kyokan/drawbridge 10

[Readme and Documentation WIP] - Prototype lightning implementation on Ethereum, with lnd interop. Supports BOLT#1 and BOLT#2.

kyokan/fnd 6

Footnote Daemon

kyokan/nomad-desktop 5

⚠️ Nomad is Beta Software ⚠️ 🤝 It uses names on Handshake Mainnet 🤝 🦶📓 It is the first application on the first testnet deployment of Footnote, a layer two protocol on Handshake 🦶📓

gladiusio/gladius-contracts 4

Backend of the Gladius Marketplace

kyokan/footnote-PIPs 2

[DEPRECATED] Footnote Protocol Improvement Plans