thewoolleyman/cinabox 32

Continuous Integration. In a Box!

mrduncan/ranger 25

A node.js library for interacting with Campfire. UNMAINTAINED

mrduncan/aws-lib 22

Extensible Node.js library for the Amazon Web Services API (EC2, SimpleDB and Product Advertising API)

mhat/zephyr 10

Simple HTTP client using Typheous, derived from the Riak client

mrduncan/redis-retry 10

This gem adds a Redis::Retry class which can be used to auto-retry failed Redis queries. UNMAINTAINED

mrduncan/marker 9

A simple canvas-based whiteboard. UNMAINTAINED

mrduncan/stats 9

Simple stats collection using Redis. UNMAINTAINED

thewoolleyman/bootstrap-ruby 6

Simple scripts to install and configure various versions of Ruby from scratch on bare-bones machines.

thewoolleyman/railsci 6

Continuous Integration for the Ruby On Rails source code