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mposch/AirFloat 0

Implementation of AirPlay audio (AirTunes) for iOS.

mposch/aubio 0

a library for audio and music analysis

mposch/AutoMySQLBackup 0

A fork and further development of AutoMySQLBackup from sourceforge.

mposch/BTCGPU 0

Current work on BTCGPU

mposch/CV-Matthias-Posch 0

Current CV of Matthias Posch

mposch/DIY-GrandMA-Keyboard 0

Make your own DIY GrandMA keyboard that works with Grand MA 2 onPC

mposch/dndtree 0

adaptation of Rob Schmuecker's dndtree

mposch/docker-ethereum 0

Docker images with the latest Ethereum Blockchain installed

mposch/DockerZcashNH 0

A Dockerfile to mine Zcash

fork mposch/GeorgiaCorporationScraper

A scraper for , implemented using Scrapy.

fork in a month