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This is an experimental library that has evolved to P1371, proposed for C++23.

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C++17 `std::variant` for C++11/14/17

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WG21: C++ Standards Committee Papers

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Compile-time Checked, Type-Safe Formatting in C++14

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source code for CppCon 2014 talk on polymorphic unions

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SLB: C++ Standard Library Backport

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Presentation Material for CppCon 2017

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Collection of the 3rdparty dependencies bundled into Mesos.

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Michael Park

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Install stuff first. oh-my-zsh for example overwrites .zshrc, and we actually want to be the one to overwrite the default oh-my-zsh .zshrc.

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Mathias Stearn

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Improve readability on phones (#85) Closes #84.

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Improve readability on phones

Closes #84.

If you'd like to know more about @media queries, is a good resource.

I don't know why there is a margin: 5em in the body block right now, so I decided to leave it alone except on narrow devices. If you don't think it is actually needed, this can be simplified by just setting the margin to 1.5em there and removing the whole @media block. I'd be happy to do whichever you prefer.

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Improve readability on phones

I read most papers on my phone, but your default css has wide margins that make that difficult. Here's a screenshot (using firefox dev tools responsive viewer) of a proposal I'm working on. I extended the length so that more would be visible, but the width is the same as on a Galaxy S9:


Note how there are very few words per line, and how the metadata labels have fallen off the left edge.

I suggest two changes. Either set the margin to 1.5em everywhere, or at least do it within a media query like this (it needs to go after the default body block):

@media screen and (max-width: 30em) {
    body {
	margin: 1.5em;

Also, I suggest setting text-align: justify; on the body. It makes a big difference on mobile because the ragged edges are a larger percentage of the total width. But I also think it just looks better for prose even on a desktop.

Here is another screenshot with the modified CSS, or you'd like to quickly try it on any of your devices, this draft paper is using the patched CSS:


If you would prefer, I'd be happy to make a PR with these changes.

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