Martin Pollard mp15 Wellcome Sanger Institute

mp15/hla_db_util 1

Utilities for making sense of the IMGT/HLA database

mp15/af_analysis 0

Analysis scripts for 30x vs 15x HiSeq X WGS analysis

mp15/agp_tools 0

Set of tools for working with scaffolds and AGP files

mp15/auto_qc_mkII 0

Prototype for a non-VRPipe way of running auto-ac

mp15/bcftools 0

This is the official development repository for BCFtools. To compile, the develop branch of htslib is needed: git clone --branch=develop git:// htslib

mp15/BioNanoAnalyst 0

BioNanoAnalyst is a tool providing GUI to assess the genome assembly quality using BioNano data.

mp15/blasr 0

BLASR: The PacBio® long read aligner

mp15/bwa 0

Burrow-Wheeler Aligner

mp15/bwa-mem2 0

The next version of bwa-mem (WIP; not recommended for production uses at the moment)

mp15/DNG_dev 0

Martin's dev repo for DeNovoGear, expect rebases. A program to detect denovo-variants using next-generation sequencing data. (


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