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Pavel Pertsev morhetz Russia, Moscow Product web developer & tech lead obsessed with functional programming and typography living in ⭑Moscow.

morhetz/gruvbox 9785

Retro groove color scheme for Vim

morhetz/gruvbox-contrib 1312

Ports of the gruvbox colorscheme

morhetz/track-changed 2

Track files changed by git

bruitt/classnames 1

A simple utility to manage CSS modules with SUIT CSS -like naming conventions on React

morhetz/gitignore 1

A collection of useful .gitignore templates

morhetz/vim-termitr 1

Some vim terminal integration

DMSDigital/jsonmatch 0

Extended JsonPath filter expressions

issue commentmorhetz/gruvbox-contrib

Repo dead

no it's not


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issue closedmorhetz/gruvbox-contrib

Repo dead

@morhetz just wanna ask if this repo is dead?

there is so much cool PR open .....

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