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haskell-numerics/random-fu 34

A suite of Haskell libraries for representing, manipulating, and sampling random variables

mokus0/bindings-hdf5 13

Low-level Haskell FFI bindings to the HDF5 library

mokus0/Agda.tmbundle 8

A TextMate bundle for the Agda language

mokus0/bitvec 8

Bit arrays for Haskell

mokus0/continued-fractions 7

Haskell library for manipulating and evaluating continued fractions

lambdabot/dice 6

Simplistic D&D style dice-rolling system.

LGSInnovations/node-dbus-network-manager 5

Interface to network manager DBUS interface

mokus0/dbf 4

Read and write XBase ".dbf" files

mokus0/avr-shake 3

Shake build system actions for Atmel's GCC-based AVR toolchain

mokus0/beep 2

Incomplete BEEP library


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issue commentionic-team/ionic-native

Feature request: wrap cordova HTTP's "setClientAuthMode" function

It's been a while and I haven't thought about it much since - but I think I just ended up going with a different library.


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push eventmokus0/tmc

James Cook

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oops... fix git paths, i filled those in before i actually had a public repo set up and i goofed.

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created repositorymokus0/tmc

Host implementation for USB Test and Measurement Class in the Rust language

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