Jan Nakladal mojeto @Springload Wellington, NZ

mojeto/django-in-request-cache 2

Django cache stored in django request

mojeto/ansible-workshop-2019 0

Ansible workshop: Managing rolling upgrades

mojeto/Arduino 0

libs and code

mojeto/channels-example 0

An example Channels app

mojeto/cpt-bootstrap-carousel 0

WordPress plugin which generates a custom post type for choosing images and content. Outputs Bootstrap Image Carousel (slider) HTML from a shortcode.

mojeto/django 0

The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

mojeto/django-angular 0

Utilities to make AngularJS play nice together with Django

mojeto/django-constance 0

Dynamic Django settings.

mojeto/django-extensions 0

This is a repository for collecting global custom management extensions for the Django Framework.

issue commentlexand/enclosing-jidea-plugin

Plugin incompatible with Pycharm 2020.1

You right, the functionality is there even without your plugin. Your plugin made my work easier. Thank you for your work.


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issue openedlexand/enclosing-jidea-plugin

Plugin incompatible with Pycharm 2020.1

When updating my Pycharm from 2019.3.4 to 2020.1 (PY-201.6668.115) I get Plugin incompatible with the new build found: Enclosing Plugin error message. image

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