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Muhammet Onur Bayraktar mobyrktr Marmara University Istanbul, Turkey CSE student at Marmara University

mobyrktr/BookParser 0

This project let users to see prices, images and sellers of books that they want to find.

mobyrktr/findtopk-multiprocessing 0

Operating Systems project to understand how threads and message queues work.

mobyrktr/ 0

A repository for BLM3006.1 Web Programming lecture projects

mobyrktr/oop-library-management-cli 0

A basic library management system for BLM2005 Object Oriented Programming. Repo created at 20/11/2019.

mobyrktr/oop-library-management-gui 0

A library management system project that written in Java for BLM2005 Object Oriented Programming

mobyrktr/os-thread-synchronization 0

Operating systems project to make threads and processes work synchronously.

mobyrktr/oss-kafka-app 0

Apache Kafka project for BLM3062.1 Açık Kaynak Kodlu Yazılımlar (Open Source Softwares) course.

mobyrktr/oss-midterm 0

Midterm repo for BLM3062.1 Open Source Softwares lecture

sahinbahadir/ai-restaurant-app 0

This is a restaurant app, that includes artificial intelligence.

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Muhammet Onur Bayraktar

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Muhammet Onur Bayraktar

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