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mobyjames/mongodb-backup-s3 1

Docker image that regularly backs up a MongoDB instance into an s3 bucket

mobyjames/proxy 1

🔀⚔ Proxy and Service Discovery for Colyseus (0.10+)

mobyjames/arunity5 0

ARToolKit for Unity v5.x

mobyjames/colyseus-social 0

Authentication and Social features

mobyjames/colyseus-unity3d 0

⚔ Colyseus Multiplayer Client for Unity

mobyjames/node-sphero-pwn 0

Driver for Sphero robots

issue openedcharclo/roxie-hardware

Backlight off?

It might be due to the particular display I acquired, but it seems the only reliable way to keep the backlight on is to tie the LED pin to 3.3v. Is this supposed to be handled by software? Do you see any issue with this?

If there are some boards that require this, perhaps a jumper in future revision?


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James Jacoby

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updated mongo drive to work with serverless atlas

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