Moby, Inc. mobyinc Seattle We are a design & developement firm that solves tough challenges in creative ways.

mobyinc/formtastic 2

A Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup.

mobyinc/crummy 1

Tasty breadcrumbs! Crummy is a simple and tasty way to add breadcrumbs to your Rails applications.

mobyinc/engine 1

a brand new CMS system with super sexy UI and cool features

mobyinc/ey-cloud-recipes 1

A starter repo for custom chef recipes on EY's cloud platform. These are for reference, and do not indicate a supported status.

mobyinc/greenhorn 1

Ruby interface for interacting with CraftCMS data

mobyinc/liquid 1

Liquid markup language. Safe, customer facing template language for flexible web apps.

mobyinc/angular-multi-select 0

A multi select dropdown directive for AngularJS. Allows you to use HTML tags and CSS in the data. Requires only AngularJS and nothing else.

mobyinc/angular-spin 0

Angular directive to show an animated spinner (using spin.js)

mobyinc/angular-svg-round-progressbar 0

Angular module that uses SVG to create a circular progressbar

mobyinc/Anode 0

Connect iOS apps to backend services using repeatable patterns.

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