Justin Schneck mobileoverlord Very / Nerves Pennsylvania

fwup-home/fwup 313

Configurable embedded Linux firmware update creator and runner

jfreeze/ex_ncurses 73

Ncurses Nif for Elixir (or Erlang)

erlef/embedded-wg 18

Embedded Systems Working Group

elixir-nx/axon_onnx 9

Easily convert models between ONNX and Axon

ConnorRigby/elixir-fwup 5

Wrapper around FWUP for Elixir

mobileoverlord/badge 2

Elixir Conf 2016 Nerves Badge

mobileoverlord/blinky_firmata_host 2

Blinky using Arduino and Firmata on your Host machine

issue commentnerves-hub/nerves_hub_web

Create branch for code that deploys to

To clarify, the main branch does not automatically deploy to the servers at, there is an approval step that is pressed to deploy a commit point on main to those servers as well as a separate approval step for deploying to staging for integration testing.


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push eventperidio/cremini-dockerfiles

Justin Schneck

commit sha 687642e9e0d0b7efeae6cc14d9be89759fca5c30

Update to internal peridio deps

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push eventperidio/cremini-elixir-socket-agent

Jon Carstens

commit sha ad7945ed60ff5294646da819a276c3997a505fef

v1.0.0 release

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fork mobileoverlord/BCI

Brain-Computer interface stuff

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