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Mike McCall mmccall10 Sacramento, CA

mmccall10/el-transition 78

Apply Enter/Leave transitions

mmccall10/instascrape 1

Elixir instagram scraper

mmccall10/aws-serverless-starter 0

Starter for AWS Lambda serverless function

mmccall10/bodyguard 0

Simple authorization conventions for Phoenix apps

mmccall10/bootstrap-polaris 0

Shopify Polaris themed bootstrap

mmccall10/c5eloquent 0

Concrete 5.7 package to integrate Illuminate/Database (Laravel/Framework ORM)

mmccall10/concrete5-5.7.0 0

Official repository for concrete5 5.7 development


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issue commentaws/aws-cdk

(aws-appsync): resolver replacement issues

@pszabop this is my experience too. I can reliably reproduce the error by first creating the resolver FROM the data source then attempting to change the data source type. Creating the resolver against the data source results in the inability to update it. You'll need to delete the resolver then re-create it. Does not go over well in production. In my experience to avoid this undesired behavior DO NOT create the resolver from the data source, create it from the appsync api.

const graphqlApi = new GraphqlApi(...);
const demoDS = api.addDynamoDbDataSource(...);

// Do this

//Not this


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