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mlesin/brdf 1

BRDF Viewer

mlesin/absinthe-socket 0

Core JavaScript support for Absinthe WS-based operations

mlesin/apollo-client 0

:rocket: A fully-featured, production ready caching GraphQL client for every UI framework and GraphQL server

mlesin/duc 0

Dude, where are my bytes: Duc, a library and suite of tools for inspecting disk usage

mlesin/http_exception 0

Shelf middleware that provides the abillity to simply throw an HttpException that gets converted to an appropriate response code and a formatted response body dependent on clients accept header.

mlesin/Naiad-Buddies 0

A Naiad Buddy is a collection of plug-ins, Naiad user ops, and command-line tools that facilitate communication between Naiad and a 3rd party application. This git repo contains the full source codes for all currently available Naiad buddies.

mlesin/puppet-nfs 0

manage your nfs shares (client and server)