Marius Krämer mkraemer YAZIO Herborn, Germany

mkraemer/react-pcntl 58

PCNTL bindings for reactphp

mkraemer/react-inotify 44

Inotify bindings for reactphp

mkraemer/php-panel 1

Extendable lightweight event-driven information aggregator and renderer for LemonBoy's bar.

mkraemer/doctrine-test-bundle 0

Symfony bundle to isolate your app's doctrine database tests and improve the test performance

mkraemer/DoctrineExtensions 0

A set of Doctrine 2 extensions

mkraemer/facturizer 0

A small terminal application to help tracking time spent for project-related activities and creating invoices for these activities

mkraemer/GarminConnectActivityUploader 0

Provices a service to upload activities into a GarminConnect account

mkraemer/GarminConnectSSO 0

Client for GarminConnect SSO service

mkraemer/IoP-satellite 0

A collection of bits and pieces related to the Internet of Plants

mkraemer/monolog 0

Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services


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