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Mazen mkotb Vancouver, BC, Canada. Computer Science @ UBC

jTelegram/jTelegramBotAPI 18

Java Telegram Bot API Wrapper

mkotb/ConfigAPI 18

GSON-like ORM for Bukkit YAML API's

mkotb/MenuAPI 9

A lightweight and extensive MenuAPI using Java 8

mkotb/AyyLmao 4

ayy lmao

mkotb/Googram 3

A Telegram bot that uses inline queries to get Google results, try it yourself!

mkotb/java-instrumentation-challenge 2

A challenge to instrument Spring Boot requests to get performance information from them

mkotb/MCNotifier 2

Plugin which allows you to recieve notifications on your smart devices

FilipDev/AlphaCore 1

A core plugin for other plugins I make to hook into.

mkotb/Bukkit-JSONMessageLib 1

Build JSON Messages