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Pedro Milliet milliet Results Brazil

milliet/DDReader 10

DAISY and EPub 3 books reader

eKitabu/UUReadium 0

Chrome extension and Android App reader for accessbile EPUB3

milliet/ckeditor4-docs-samples 0

Code samples for the official CKEditor 4 documentation (

milliet/design-blocks 0

A set of 170+ Bootstrap based design blocks ready to be used to create clean modern websites.

milliet/js-cookie 0

A simple, lightweight JavaScript API for handling cookies

milliet/readium-js-viewer 0

ReadiumJS viewer: default web app for Readium.js library

milliet/thorium-reader 0

A cross platform desktop reading app, based on the Readium Desktop toolkit

milliet/wysiwyg-editor 0

The next generation Javascript WYSIWYG HTML Editor.