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mikepugh/AngularGeoFire 50

Angular service wrapping the GeoFire geospatial lib for Firebase

mikepugh/angular-http-throttler 15

AngularJS service for throttling $http requests

mikepugh/ng-http-circuitbreaker 13

AngularJS based $http circuit-breaker pattern implementation

mikepugh/AngularGeo 5

Angular service for abstracting geolocation apis

mikepugh/geofire-js 4

GeoFire for JavaScript - Realtime location queries with Firebase

lifehackett/jwt2 0

Json Web Tokens

mikepugh/BotBuilder-PersonalityChat 0

Integrate small talk into your bot using Microsoft.Bot.Builder.PersonalityChat nuget packages.

mikepugh/dk_notebooks 0

Jupyter notebooks about how to make donkey cars self driving.

mikepugh/dynamodb-lambda-autoscale 0

Autoscale DynamoDB provisioned capacity using Lambda

mikepugh/health-macos-swiftui-example 0

Health app macOS Big Sur built in SwiftUI