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Mike Fowler mikefowler Airbnb Brooklyn, NY Software engineer at @airbnb.

mikefowler/crossfade.js 276

A tiny (~3kb) jQuery plugin for crossfading images as you scroll down a page.

mikefowler/instajam 136

Instajam is a JavaScript wrapper for the Instagram API. You provide the access token, we provide the jam. Or whatever.

mikefowler/gatsby-plugin-collections 11

Create pages, with support for pagination and customizable permalinks, from a folder of Markdown files.

mikefowler/backbone-with-es6 10

An example of using ES6 Modules and classes with Backbone + Traceur

mikefowler/farmers-markets 3

A (better) implementation of the USDA National Farmers' Market Directory

mikefowler/DefinitelyTyped 1

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

mikefowler/graphql-js 1

A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript

mikefowler/mincer-ember-hbs-engine 1

An engine for Mincer that compiles Handlebars templates for use with Ember

mikefowler/node-idp-metadata-parser 1

A Node.js utility for parsing SAML IdP metadata files.