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Won't Launch-Failed to create the Webview control. hot 3
0.13.0 Installation hot 1
How to edit zones on multiple monitors? hot 1
FZ scaling bug in multi monitor scenario hot 1
Fancy Zones new editor needs to support multiple monitors hot 1
FancyZones - Cannot freely move layouts on secondary monitors, gets clipped to half of screen hot 1
Fancy Zones in multi monitor setups hot 1
Shortcut Guide not working hot 1
The app setting doesn't open hot 1
FZ scaling bug in multi monitor scenario hot 1
FancyZones: Windows with disabled maximize buttons wont be recognized hot 1
Add hint on how to delete a splitter (merge zones) hot 1
FZ flashes zones when trying to type symbols or numbers hot 1
Windows Terminal (and other apps) can't be shift-dragged to a zone hot 1
Microsoft Edge (New) Version (Official build) canary (64-bit) Won't Follow FancyZones hot 1

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