michelepagot/django-chartit 1

A Django app to plot charts and pivot charts directly from the models. Uses HighCharts and jQuery JavaScript libraries to render the charts on the webpage.

michelepagot/8bithemant 0

Github Consists of Lot of Badges, git, png, and a lot of Love, Live Github Stats. Add this to your profile and help me with contributing to this stuff. Github Profile

michelepagot/aquaris-E5 0

Linux Kernel source code for the device bq Aquaris E5 HD

michelepagot/autopresepio 0

SW to animate 2016 Presepio

michelepagot/bokehServerTest 0

Bokeh server app test

michelepagot/chameleon 0

Chameleon executable for test purpose

michelepagot/ciaomuloni 0

I'm playing to learn python packaging

michelepagot/clink 0

Bash's powerful command line editing in cmd.exe