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michaelt/martin-lof 528

papers of Per Martin Löf

Gabriel439/Haskell-Foldl-Library 129

Composable, streaming, and efficient left folds

michaelt/streaming 103

An optimized general monad transformer for streaming applications, with a simple prelude of functions

ekmett/indexed 18

Indexed Functors for GHC 7.6

michaelt/streaming-bytestring 18

effectful sequences of bytes; an alternative no-lazy-io implementation of Data.ByteString.Lazy

ekmett/folds 16

Folds and sequence algebras

michaelt/lens-simple 16

simplified import of lens-family

michaelt/pipes-bytestring-mmap 7

lazy bytestrings from `bytestring-mmap` replaced by `Producer ByteString IO ()`

michaelt/extensible-streaming 4

the "alternative to monad transformers" ... as a monad transformer

michaelt/remorse 3

`Streaming/FreeT` type implemented with `type-aligned` - which, alas, fills everything with molasses