g0v/moedict-webkit 379


miaout17/hirb-unicode 58

Unicode support for hirb

miaout17/lolize 37

Colorize your ruby output with rainbow

albb0920/big5-ansiart 26

This is a gem for converting Big5-UAO encoded ANSI art to html or PNG, may also works with pure ASCII encoding file.

godfat/dm-is-reflective 23

DataMapper plugin that helps you manipulate an existing database.

miaout17/blogtrans 5

Blog format converter

miaout17/justfuck 4

A x86 Just-In-Time Compiler for Brainfuck

miaout17/dotfiles 3

my dotfiles

miaout17/filedots 2

A simple tool to install/uninstall dotfiles

issue commenttensorflow/model-optimization

use keras.Sequential(Conv2D,BatchNormalization) convert quantize_model got error

@alanchiao do you mind to take a look? Thanks!


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issue commenttensorflow/model-optimization

QAT (quantization aware training) not suitable for transfer learning?

@alanchiao @nutsiepully Could you take a look? Thanks!


comment created time in 21 days