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Marc Haemmerle mhaemmerle Berlin, Germany

mhaemmerle/excel-to-json 102

Opinionated Excel to JSON converter where nested structures can be defined on different worksheets

mhaemmerle/grimoire 9

Stateful social game server written in Clojure

mhaemmerle/entitas-haskell 6

Entity component system based on

mhaemmerle/entitas_erl 6

Entity component system based on

mhaemmerle/entitas-clj 3

Entity component system based on

mhaemmerle/flink 2

An API for optimised loading of assets using a packager

mhaemmerle/avout 1

Avout: Distributed State in Clojure

mhaemmerle/chorf 1

Rincewind had generally been considered by his tutors to be a natural wizard in the same way that fish are natural mountaineers. He probably would have been thrown out of Unseen University anyway - he couldn't remember spells and smoking made him feel ill.

mhaemmerle/clj-spark 1

A Clojure api for the the Spark project (a fast, open source cluster computing system).


started time in 2 months


started time in 3 months


started time in 3 months