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🎉 Ready-to-use Tailwind CSS blocks.

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Indexing and versioning


I presume there will be additions and changes over time, can I suggest we number the blocks or something? Maybe add versioning as well?

So if we mention footer1-v2, everyone is clear which footer we are talking about. Thank you for this great work!

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Request - chat window

I love it - any chance for a chat window with scrollable messages ?

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suggestion: add search

similar to - accesible via keyboard shortcut (eg "/") to quickly jump to blocks

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Request: Pagination

Would be nice to have pagination examples for content

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Enhancement - Add custom colors to the color picker on the top right

Hi, I just stumbled upon this project from DesignCourse on YouTube (this project is about to get a lot more than 500 stars) and I love it.

One thing I think would be useful would be custom colors on the top menu.

Obviously there's a few reasons you might not do this:

  • The design of the website is simple. Keep it that way.

  • The colors go with the entire color scheme and aesthetic of tailwind/tailblocks.

  • A user can pick colors with no contrast, like colors that are too light / too dark.

Here are my answers:

  • Adding one button for a custom color picker wouldn't take up any measurable amount of UI space or complexity

  • You still default to the preferred colors, which is what most users will use in a pinch, but users will appreciate having the option to choose a custom color and preview it from within the website

  • While users can choose bad colors, you already handle light and dark mode, so determining the lightness of the color is easy and then you can easily implement from there (I believe, for the most part)

Thanks for listening to my advice and love the project :)

PS: Also consider adding an issue template for GitHub for when the project gets more popular :)

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Request: Responsive tables

Randomly stumbled across this and wow, incredible polished work. Any chance we could see some responsive tables in the future?

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